Axxon offers "triage" for your computer systems by:

  • Identifying what's wrong
  • Simplifying your system
  • Make it work (so it won't go down again)

Disaster Planning Prevention & Avoidance

Is your data safe? Is it protected? Where is it? Who has it or access to it? Who outside your company can get to it? What would happen if someone accessed your client data?

Automated Antivirus & Anti Spyware Solutions

Right now, most systems are more vulnerable to spyware than viruses. Spyware can take over your system and bring you to a dead stop!

Remote Access to your Systems

Can’t leave home without it! Your laptop that is. Do you need to access your systems from home or on the road? What about when you go on vacation?

Strategic Planning

Is it time to make Information Technology a strategic part of your future business? In the past IT has always been considered a support function. NOT ANY MORE!

Backup and Recovery Solutions

Have you tested you backups lately? In many instances people thought they had good backups only to find out the hard way that they didn’t!

Infrastructure support, design, upgrade and Migration

Is it time to upgrade? Perhaps the manufacturer no longer supports your present operating systems. Maybe your systems have become too complicated and could be simplified, such as replacing all systems with one homogeneous system. There is no need to hire (or expand) your IS staff for a special project or some occasional help.

Wireless Network Solutions (WiFI)

Is this solution right for you? Would it be nice to get rid of all the wires?

Remote Network Monitoring & Support

Wouldn’t it be nice if a problem was taken care of before you even knew about it? How much time would you save if you have an emergency and it could be handled without waiting for a support person to arrive?

Assessment of current and future technologies

Do you have technology in place that you are not even using? Do you need different or additional technology to maintain or grow your business? Can your current technology save you money? Could the right technology be a competitive edge for your company?

Information Systems Policy, Procedures and Security

Is your email system being abused? Are your people spending too much time sending jokes to coworkers through the email system? Do you have policies in place to protect against harassment lawsuits? What type of security do you have in place?

Software Evaluation, Selection & Implementation

You have no idea what software to use but you know your present software isn’t doing the job. You need help to evaluate possible alternatives and to support your decision process.