In my business we talk of Disaster Planning & Recovery. I don’t like this statement! By the time many people think of Disaster Planning & Recovery it has already happened. While it is important to have a good recovery plan in place, I believe that it is more important to think about Disaster Prevention & Avoidance. It is much more cost effective to prevent and avoid the disaster than it is to recover from it!

There are three components to your technology systems – the hardware, the software and the data. Your hardware and software can be replaced but your business is dependent on data.

Is your data safe? Is it protected? Where is it? Who has it or access to it? Who outside your company can get to it?

We have all read about personal information that has been stolen from MasterCard, Citi Bank, DSW Shoe Warehouse and Check Point. Can this happen to you? Local organizations like Cleveland State and Kent state have been compromised. Has it already happened to you and you are unaware of it?

The truth is it is less costly to Prevent & Avoid Disaster than it is to fix it! Our assessment of your systems along with a review of your business practices will quickly allow us to determine some key basic safety measures. Together, we will determine the level of risk you face and the optimum methods to deploy.