From Brent Ferguson
General Manager, Dr Z Amps

April 16, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

We recently were in need of an overhaul in our computer system. Ron Boetger from Axxon Technologies came highly recommended and he didn't disappoint. He was very thorough in all aspects of the job. Ron explained our hardware options and compiled a system that was tailor made for our business. He was very efficient during the installation and helpful with any questions we had. The system he put in place was concise and easy to manage.

Ron has proven to be an outstanding resource post installation.

He is very quick to respond to email and phone questions. It's comforting to know if a problem arises we have Ron there to follow through. We are very happy to recommend Ron Boetger from Axxon Technologies to anyone looking for an IT person to take care of business.

From Doug Heiser
Heiser & Company

September 8, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

Our CPA firm hired Axxon Technologies and, in particular, Ron Boetger, to handle our computer technology issues. The duties included set up of a new office, creating a network, ability to access the server from other locations, safety requirements, general training, and many other miscellaneous issues that only a computer system can generate.

Let me first say, as owner of the Company, I am technically challenged. Mr. Boetger handled his duties with a down-to-earth style that allowed even me to understand the general concepts he was implementing. Naturally, there were bugs in the system. Ron responded, day or night, weekday or weekend, to our constant calls. Eventually, the system and its interaction settled down.

Ron is still our computer consultant. Now, the only time we call is when we ourselves mess something up. He still responds quickly and patiently walks us through our error for the umpteenth time.

As a business owner, I am most concerned about cost and responsiveness. He excels in responding to our cries for help. His invoices have been very reasonable. I cannot judge his technical knowledge, but I do know he has our system performing well, is not afraid to admit he is unsure of an issue and will relentlessly pursue the answer to his satisfaction.

Do not be fooled by Ron's country-boy demeanor. If he accepts you as a client, he will treat your system as his own, share the frustrations with you that any system brings, and will resolve problems through his diligence. I highly recommend Axxon Technologies and am very satisfied with my choice for our computer consulting firm.

From Stephanie Fallcreek
CEO of Fairhill Center for the Aged

I am writing to express my appreciation of the services provided to Fairhill Center by Mr. Ron Boetger of Axxon Technologies during the spring and summer of 2004. Ron's primary assignment was to complete an assessment of our information technology resources and practices. In addition, he provided several "hands on" fixes of problems he identified in the course of the assessment, as well as accommodating some specific requests we made for enhancing remote site access to our server and preparation of some proposals to fix/improve several aspects of the information system. As he proceeds through our task list over a period of several months, I found Ron to be responsive, reliable, and always cheerful (an unusual quality, and one to be treasured in an IT consultant!).

From Diann Rucki
President Enterprise Development

Hire him Now!

Ron took on a yeoman's task here at Enterprise Development and did so professionally, effectively, and efficiently. He tackled multiple challenges, including some sensitive personnel matters, and did son both gracefully and skillfully. Ron is rarity in the area of IT consultants - he is the complete and real deal. He has the capacity to understand your business and then translate your business needs into system requirements. Ron is extremely capable across a broad skill spectrum. His understanding of the choice of systems 'solutions' is vast, giving you the benefit of packaging together exactly what is needed for your firm. He is both personable and professional, making him a delight for all staff to work with, and his work ethic is second to none. Ron is a unique in that he offers 'business solutions,' not merely 'systems solutions' and is exactly what an entrepreneurially-oriented organization like Enterprise Development, Inc. needs.

From Duke Jankura
Senior Director, Finance and Administration

In my 10+ years of experience, Ron Boetger is the most effective IT professional I have worked and employed. He keeps himself and his company current on the IT solutions in the market, and is able to match the most effective solutions with companies business needs in a cost effective and functional manner. He can discern the best solution from the flashiest and latest software or hardware innovations and implement the change in a timeframe that will enhance business operations. As CFO of our organization responsible for its information technology needs, I recommend Mr. Boetger with the highest degree of confidence that he can and will present creative high-value system solutions to your business needs.

From Jack Sattler
President, Cleveland Tank & Supply, Inc.

This is a letter of recommendation for Ron Boetger and his company, Axxon Technologies. We manufacture steel, aluminum and stainless fuel tanks. We have a small LAN with 9 workstations. Ron has provided service for us since May of 2004. Without reservation, I recommend Ron. He has unique qualities I have not encountered in establishing a business relationship with other Information or IT vendors. Ron is skilled and professional in communicating and understanding the requirements of the company, the budget, the systems in place and the variety of users actually doing the work. Also, he has proven to be reliable and consistent. If the need is immediate or if it is a schedule project he can accomplish the job and maintain perspective. Axxon came highly recommended to me and has proven to be a unique breath of fresh air in and industry that seems to specialize in "tech confusion."