Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam

As technology becomes an increasingly more important asset of your company, it becomes a target for those who want to deliberately disrupt your operations.

Have you ever had a call or received a returned email saying that an email you sent was infected with a virus? Do you know if your system is acting as a robot for someone else? Is personal and or company information being sent to a 17 year old in some country you never heard of without your knowledge? Do your employees comment that your system runs like molasses? Are you losing valuable time and money without knowing it?

If you are not using any Anti Virus, Anti Spyware and Anti Spam software, there is a disaster waiting to happen. Studies show where brand new unprotected computers were attached to the internet and became infected within 10 minutes.

If you have installed Anti Virus, Anti Spam and Anti Spyware software are those products being kept up to date? Every time a new virus or spyware hits the internet the software manufactures update the product. In the case of Anti Spyware software most of these products have to be manually updated.

Let us help prevent these problems by assessing and cleaning your current systems and removing these pests. Then we will keep you safe by installing and configuring Automated Antivirus & Anti Spyware Solutions that will fit your exact needs.

Spyware – Poison for your Computer!

Spyware infections are becoming more of a problem than viruses. These infections can cripple your browser. The spyware can change your default home page to one of their choosing or just a blank page. When this happens your browser’s configurations become locked and you cannot change back to your home page and you may be bombarded by pop-ups!

I recently saw a computer that was infected with a spyware that was created by an Anti-Spyware company. They were trying to force the user to buy their product to fix their computer.

They infected the computer, locking the browser on their own home page and sending pop-ups telling the user the computer was infected.

The company had no choice but to start over with a fresh installation of the operating system and company software. Hours of productivity were lost!

Is it possible to completely stop all spyware? No! An analogy here - the best you can do is to put on a good bullet proof vest.

Give AXXON Technologies a call we can help by:

  1. Training your users, to properly react to false warnings on their screen.
  2. Installing the most current Anti-Spyware software available.